I’m Meghan Franklin, CCC (Chief Coffee professional headshotConsumer) and principal writer at Franklin Communications.

I craft content that’s authentic to the speaker – whether the speaker is an individual or brand – and that resonates deeply with their audience.

I’m a University of Notre Dame and Carnegie Mellon University-trained English nerd and rhetorician, and a former senior communications specialist at one of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals. My professional past also includes interviewing Santa Claus for Wisconsin Public Radio and leading multimillion dollar software installations.

My goal as a communicator is to listen first to understand my clients’ goals, and then develop a plan to help them meet those goals. I have worked with CEOs and thought leaders, high school students and information technology professionals. I have written menu items and web content, how-to guides and grants. I thrive working with a diverse array of clients and subject matters, and love helping each client find their unique voice.

There are many things I’m not good at – 1,000 piece puzzles and merging on to the interstate, to name a couple. But writing fresh, clear and compelling content? I’m your go-to girl.



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