Whether you are preparing to deliver a presentation, need to craft an essay that will knock a college admissions committee off their feet, or want to position yourself as a thought leader with blog posts, I would love to help you meet your goals.


From brand journalism  to web content to speeches to step-by-step instructions,  my copywriting experience covers multiple genres. I love telling stories about people, excel at simplifying complex concepts, and enjoy using my rhetorical expertise to write pieces that move people – whether to feel something, to take action or to develop brand loyalty.

Writing coaching

My goal as a coach is to help each client not only improve their current project, but also to give them the tools to more confidently approach their next project. It’s one thing to have someone critique a cover letter, it’s another for someone to teach you tips and tricks you can use when crafting all future cover letters. I am especially passionate about working with clients applying to undergraduate or graduate programs, and I know I can help make your application stand out.


Already have content written, but need a fresh pair of eyes on it? Before editing any piece, I seek to understand my client’s goals. Apart from ensuring a piece is clear and free from errors, are they seeking increased brevity? Better alignment with brand voice? Suggestions on how to better capture the reader’s interest? I edit with your end goals in mind. (And with kindness, because no one loves the lady with the red pen!)