Brand Journalism and Blogs

Like my approach to executive and business communications, my approach to writing news stories and blogs for and about organizations is goal-driven. What emotions are you trying to elicit from the reader? What do you want the reader to take away/feel about your brand? I believe stories are one of the most powerful ways to connect individuals with each other and with organizations. I’d love to help you tell your story (and work with my friends in media relations to pitch it, when appropriate!).

Some samples of stories I’ve told in the past are below.

Discussing Quality with Patients and Families

Deep DU Roots Inspire Alumni to Pay it Forward

Special Children Special Grief

Children’s Colorado Welcomes New Chief Inclusion Officer

Administrative Fellow Trades Ties for Skates to Coach Peewee Hockey

Free Hugs and Fast Fingers: Paula Brooks Brightens Days of Fresh Marketplace Customers

AHA Conference Handout

Blog: What is a Clinically Integrated Network, and Why Do They Matter?

Blog: ACO vs. PCMH: What is The Difference?

Blog: 8 Best Practices for Patient Scheduling

Blog: How to Increase Provider Productivity Using RVUs

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